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Beginner question

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Question for the fishing gurus from a beginner here: 1. Does it make a real difference when fishing natural roe as opposed to artificial ones? The natural ones can get worn out after so many casts but the artificial ones don't and there are scented and soft roes that I think are almost as natural as the real ones. With the water moving so fast especially Fraser and most of Vedder will the fish be able to tell the difference until they have taken a bite? 2. Does it make a difference if I have 2 different baits like wool and roe in the hook? Does that make it look unnatural to the fish or does it make it more attractive? Thanks for the info.
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Hey boy2its...

I will answer your second question first... As for adding a different wool colour with your roe ie" blood red wool with orange roe" this can most certainly make your enjoyable day on a river to a fantastic day... My biggest sugestion too you is don't be affraid to try different combinations while angling... As for bait vs artifical bait they both work great under certain circumstances... You will understand this in time... But fresh bait does have its advantages...Scent is a huge factor as is the quality of the bait you are using... Just remember to check the regs if you are allowed to fish bait in the water you are fishing... :cheers: sage
Thanks sage. It makes me more confident to fish now...
its the same thing you say to any girl... their anit no substitution for the reel thing in antswer to our second question
How much time do you get out of natural roe?
In the last year I learned that things are so dynamic in the river and they change so quickly that the best thing to do is to play with the greatest combination of color-odor-vibrations constantly while fishing according to water clarity and level. Yes, this means that I spend so much time preparing my baits on the river and at home, but I like it.

I just learned that it really pays a lot to prepare what you'll need at home rather than in the river itself. Of course there are some things that are better prepared out there like bait.
I have had good success with artifical lures, wools, and corkies. There will be days when only the real thing will work but you can still catch fish without it. I am too lazy myself to use real roe.
You might even want to try using Jensen eggs, as they are less messy and still have quite the scent to them. try pairing these up with somer wool on top. I like the orange/red Jensen with a little white wool on top. Wool alone can be quite productive, and will stay on all day. Try using several colors together, or even something totally not "normal" colored...ie. blue or green or purple.

Good luck! :beerchug:
I can say that using a small tuft of wool with roe can be pretty deadly sometimes and then sometimes guys fishing wool will outfish the gut chuckers (not often but it happens) last year i had a guy next to me fishing roe with a tiny tuft of purple wool and he was getting lots of coho almost every cast, i was fly fishing and catching just as many (coho and jack springs) but i couldnt believe how well his combo was working because the 3 guys below him with only roe were getting nothing :confused:
Thanks to all your responses. I'm learning from them and I hope i'll be a better fisherman next time I go fishing.
Like allready said.
Theres roe and then theres good roe.
Just watch the guys on the bars and you will see the difference between good roe and not so good.

I agree, nothing imitates roe,like roe.
I agree with most everything that has been said about this subject. One thing you might try in additon to what has been said is to try yarn and shrimp oil. This sometimes works for me when roe doesn't. I think the point everyone is making is don't be afraid to try different combinations, or for that matter lures. I have had good luck casting spoons and a bolo spinner(they are quite expensive so I don't use them too often. Good luck and enjoy the experience.
Thanks molo. I'll try those...
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