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belboy aug 28

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went out to the belboy with piperfeltcher today and as i like to troll deep i caught 3 dog fish. we caught some small fish and sent back to grow up. all of a sudden brads rod bounces off the downrigger and up jumps a 18lb spring. as it takes a run for the bottom the line pauses and then darts to the right of the boat and we know something is wrong. then the line peeled off for about 300yrds and up poped a seal with the fish in its mouth. after a very long pull of war and numerous runs brad was able to break the line and retrieve his flasher . numerous other fishing boats stayed around us to watch this specticle. brads first seal and he hopes his last. we both hoped the seal also got the hooks along with the spring. it rained a little but we were fine under the canopy. a little while latter brads rod goes again but this time all three lines get tangled. the good fairy must of known we were entitled to a fish and let him land a 10lb spring. all in all a good day but we lost a downriggerball,numerous anchove setups and all our anchovies. still a bad day on the water is better than working. i have been out with brad three times and have caught fish everytime. the score is now three for us and 0 skunks.

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Missed the main bite by the sounds of things this morning it ended just before slack. Fished T 10 area for 5 hours. My girls managed 2 to 15 lbs. Herring in teaser heads, one with a flasher the other not, a few dogs around on the bait, a couple of no-stick hits. Great water, nice to hit fish with family. Our local waters are putting up some great action right now !
I went out for the evening flood and trollled the markers to the bell bouy and managed my first spring of the year. a 10lb. white on an anchovie with green prism teaser head behind a green flasher at 40 ft. had another good strike that popped the rigger clip but gone right away.
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