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MERCY. One of my alltime childhood fears [size=10pt][size=10pt]JELLYFISH[/size][/size] - at about 13years old had me relentlessly waterskiing... refusing to let go of that rope...from Belcarra 15km up Indian Arm almost all the way to Wigwam Inn...& it wasn't the calmest day out there! (needless to say...my legs were JELLY after that!) I'll i could think was that i didn't want to drop...cause a jelly fish might get me.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems to me, back in the day - there seemed to be red/purple jelly fish everywhere? (i guess my frame of reference was limited to Burrard Inlet, up the Arm... etc...)

A sunny summer's day a few years back, just up the Arm from Deep Cove, I came upon a monster-GLOB of white jellyfish.... at first i thought i boated over a whale or something... so i doubled back... to see what it was...it was something else... kinda wish i had a marine biologist aboard - There were THOUSANDS & thousands of them! Lit up the surface a bright green... down to a depth as far as i could see. (of course, nothing on the hummingbird)

Anyways... thanks for the update BigJay... I'm heading out tomorrow - gonna give Bell Bouy a shot... I'll let ya'll know how we fair.
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