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Bell Buoy Sept 12th

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So we were out yesterday morning (Wednesday) hoping for the best!!

We were started around 9:30am and fished until about 3 or so. Had a few good hook ups and managed 2 get 2 springs to the boat. I will post a pic of one later.....but then my battery in my camera died for the second.

Both actually hit on green hoochies in around 50' and again within about 200 yards of the Buoy. Lots of dogs taking care of our anchovies which were around 50-60 feet. Didn't see may if "any" fish caught at all except lots of doggie hook ups amongst the 10-12 boats that were out.

But none the less.....still managed a great calm, sunny day on the water and have some fresh salmon for the BBQ!! :peace:

I read that Dog got a few coho.....anyone else out later for the high tide??
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