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Hope everyone had a fantastic winter, with Spring arriving early this year it's time to look ahead to all the great fishing options available in the Fraser Valley.

Spring Sturgeon fishing is off to fast start this year, we have been having some great days this spring and with a small snowpack it looks like there will be a fairly quick freshet, meaning fishing should be consistently good all through the season.

Bent Rods Guiding has some great deals on Sturgeon trips in the early season, 8 hour trips starting as low as $549.00.
To book a trip go to www.bentrods.ca , or call me directly at 604 845 9893.

Heres a link to our Fraser River Sturgeon report, http://www.bentrods.ca/rod-report/2015/4/27/fraser-river-sturgeon-report-late-april-2015

With a smaller snowpack than normal we are looking forward to some great barfishing for Chinook Salmon this year. We start our trips around July 15 as this is when Chinook retention typically opens in the Fraser River. These trips consist of jet boating to select locations and either fishing from shore with classic Fraser Valley barfishing techniques or anchoring up in the boat and fishing Bent Rods Cascade spinners in Chinook travel lanes. Fraser Chinook are renowned for strong powerful runs, being fresh from the ocean they are silver bullets and their fat laden flesh renowned for its flavor.
Heres a link to a video of me and friends out enjoying a mid July day on a Chilliwack area Fraser River Bar.

Moving on to the tackle side of our business, we have replenished both our weighted spinners and Cascade spinner stocks.

With the growing demand for our Custom Bent Rods Spinners, it has been very hard to keep up with orders during our busy guiding season.
Anglers wanting to get stocked up with our spinners are urged to get your orders placed well in advance of your favorite fisheries.

To check out our selection of spinners go to http://www.bentrods.ca/store/
Here you will find all our tackle and any "specials" we are having.

Being a "pink salmon" year, our jig supplies will be hit hard during late August and September. The stores we supply with jigs get hit hard and fast and finding jigs can be difficult in the heart of the Pink run.

We will have a "pink Salmon" jig kit coming very soon to our website. This kit will include 3/8 ounce pink lead heads, a few 1/2 ounce lead heads for heavier water and a pile of pink grubs to jam on the hook.
If you have never twitched grub jigs for Pink Salmon you are missing out on the most easy and productive way to catch these Salmon ever devised.
This technique can be used in the Ocean, along beaches, in flowing rivers (under a float) or without and in any body of water where Pinks are present. It requires nothing more than a supply of jigs a spinning rod combo and the energy to reel in Salmon all day long.

Looking forward to joining you on the water for a great adventure this year.

Tight lines and Bent Rods
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