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In 1992, during early June my brother and I went up to the Cowichan to spend a lazy day on the river. We took several bottles of home brew porter that we made a few months earlier and sunk them in a cold spring coming out of the clay bank just below the train bridge below the bridge pool.

It was about 20c and the hatch was on. Something wonderful happened that day, the hatch happened almost all day and the fish were taking the caddis emerger as they drifted in the water column preparing to finally hatch.

River caddis are a funny bug. They have a tendency to move and drift rather than just pop straight up like they do on lakes. It is wise for the angler to fish them on the move as they get ready to pop rather than just target the places where they actually take to the air. Sometimes the difference can be only 5 or 10 yards and other times depending on the speed of the riffle the place where the fish will key in on the bugs can be up to a hundred yards away from where the bugs are actually taking to the air!

As the day progressed we caught many browns and rainbows and at just about every riffle and glide the fish were on the take. One of those days you dream about.

Never has beer tasted as good as it did on that day.

I have never been so tired after fishing in my life. We started at 9 in the morning and fished till well after dark and walked many miles of river. At dusk a major hatch happened and we both were into bigger fish on the dry for over 3/4 of an hour and had to walk out in the dark. Having forgotten to bring a flashlight it was very fortunate that there was a moon, though the cursing and swearing was rather frequent as we tripped over the roots and frequently lost the path until we got back to the train bridge.

A week later I surprised a juvenile cougar as I clambered up the bank in the dark to find the path with a friend of mine after having another great day on the caddis emerger. This time I had a flash light though. :cheers:

It is rare to have days that one can remember all of their life as a fisherman, I feel blessed to have had a few in my life and in June 1992 had several that I will never forget.

This is why the Cowichan in June awakens a call within me which is hard to resist. As soon as the day temp averages 20c and there is a chance of huge caddis hatches I start going through my gear and thinking about patching my waders!

If I get a chance this year I promise to post some pictures of the best water and perhaps some fish.
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