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Best Sockeye Thread Ever

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OK I am adding my name to the list of those who prefer to catch their fish by NOT BBouncing or flossing or SNAGGING. :mad:
Anybody else out there want to step up? ..........Good start GC.................Ortho 8)
Someone made the point in another thread that the sockeye fishery is basically a harvest fishery. I know quite a few friends that are great rods that have participated in this fishery since it opened, and all have picked off their limit and gone home right away.

The consensus amongst them, and I wholeheartedly agree, is this is not sport. This is a harvest fishery for meat, where the true essence of sportfishing is not achieved.

It is a fishery that employs a technique that is simple and requires very little skill besides casting...

Many anglers who do not know any better go to other fisheries like the vedder or various other flows and when they find they cannot catch fish by the methods others are using, they resort to what worked for them out on the Fraser during a sockeye opening...

...long leaders, bottom dredging and the "sweep" or "swing", striking the hook on every rock, branch, and fishes tail...

For all of those anglers relatively new to the sport, or inexperienced and trying to learn, make no mistake...the "skills" you learn on the Fraser river bars garnish you no respect from sportfishermen you see on the other rivers. They can tell right away what you are doing...

If you are taking advantage of the sockeye opening, treat it for what it is, a harvest fishery, not a sportfishery.

When you go elsewhere to fish for other species that will bite and can be enticed by a plethora of other methods, take the time to learn some of those other methods. You will all be much better fishermen as a result, and might even garnish some respect from your peers while your out there...

There's plenty of info here on BCFR and all around the web, take the time to do some research and learn...the rewards will be great...

Here's a link to another related article, which in turn has some hidden links to more articles here that provide some additional insight into the topic...

Click here: http://www.bcfishingreports.com/forum/index.php/topic,3209.0.html

(Check out the links highlighted in Blue for additional articles..."Short Floating" might be particularly helpful... ;))


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Ortho sign me up for one of those fancy club decoder rings.
Way to put a politically correct definition Rib. I'll call it what it is a a nasty plague. Why do many refer to it as a meat fishery? I think socks fight decent enough. I say it just let's them justify using those techs and not feel quilty about it. It is funny how the west coast rags US and Can show this as a common rigging. The last issue had a article on the kitamt river and that was a similar rigging. This is one instance where things should go back to the way they were, and leave the sock's to spawn.
Crazy D

Once again so perfectly put.......i really think some people dont understand that sockeye are just swimming upriver with there mouths opening and closing...in no way are they seeking out bait
Great read Rib,we missed your knowledge and intelegance for a while now,good to see you back,great way to put things into a straight line about the sock fishery.
Great news,the snaggery closes this wed the 29th of July. :thumbup:
You know where I stand on this subject C_G and I'm having my bumper sticker made up.
No disrespect to Rib but 90% of what he said has already been said by a half dozen people in past threads on this subject but not all in one post, so what makes his post any differant ?
There has got to be another "green" way to ,actually, catch these fish. Did everyone just give up trying for other methods after the floss/snag method proved to be the easy way out? :confused:
Sorry for any confusion.
Wed is the 30th not Tues.
How can anyone with intelligence not see that calling it a HARVEST is just a excuse and justification for breaking regs.

"I feel like I'm going to go harvest some Vedder Chinook today, I'll be flossing of course, because hell, its a HARVEST".

"HMMMM :confused:, today I am gonna go HARVEST some Vedder Steelhead, there all stacked in Brown road, and well as it is a HARVEST, I am gonna floss them, I mean the river is dirty today(the other most used excuse for why flossing the Fraser is OK) and I feel like a good HARVEST.

Face it folks whether your a very good rod, fly fishing purist or just a old school meat fisherman, the HARVEST excuse is tired and old and simply defies the whole essence of sportfishing.

I HARVEST fish during the year, but only enough for me and my family and easily catch enough with sporting methods. its not really that difficult.

The govt wants our money and they seem to think alowing this fishery is the answer, I disagree, it degrades the sport and devalues what is a very special thing, fishing for salmonids. The very act of learning the techniques and skills to consistently catch these fish is the real reward and this whole HARVEST is a step backwards.

All I will say about flossing this year and if there is a leader restriction coming, they better damn well enforce it or really whats the point.

To those who are getting there HARVEST on, I am just glad to see your families will survive the cold hard winter with a few scraps of protein, I mean travelling all the way to the far reaches of The Fraser Valley is certainly saving you money on groceries ::), yeah, is about the meat ::).
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It nice to read honest posts like your B/R and refreshing to know their is more of us then their is of them.
why don't we get BCRF members to sign a petition and send this to the ministry asking them to emloy leader length as well as announce bottom bouincing as an illegal activity, we can discuss and add more stuff to the document if needed? Was this ever done?
bill said:
You know where I stand on this subject C_G and I'm having my bumper sticker made up.
No disrespect to Rib but 90% of what he said has already been said by a half dozen people in past threads on this subject but not all in one post, so what makes his post any differant ?
It's not really meant for you or anybody else who fishes properly but for the people looking for info on sockeye who don't know any better way to fish than snagging. He presents the info in a neat package with links. This way nobody has to search, they get the good stuff right away. He also does it without anger or resentment towards others! An good example IMO.
A clarification regarding a comment in BR's post...

Bent Rod said:
..calling it a HARVEST is just a excuse and justification for breaking regs.

I do call the sockeye fishery a "Harvest" fishery.

I do not label any other fisheries by that title. I do not use it as an excuse or justification to floss, nor do I participate in the sockeye fisheries. There is never any excuse or justification to break regs.

I also get just as angry as BR seemingly does about the subject, I just don't feel people respond well to anger...

For those readers who might not understand or are taken back by Bentrod's aggressive delivery, make no mistake, however harsh his delivery might sound, a great many anglers feel the same frustration and anger he shows here...

They might put it more diplomatically, or they might just throw it right in your face, but regardless of the delivery, the sentiment remains the same and widespread...

...so take the time to think about it...

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I agree with Bentrod on everything he said, with exception to
, there all stacked in Brown road,
it should be they're, as in 'they are' :happy: :beerchug:
I also like to say that I don't participate in the sockaye fishery,and don't agree with the methods used on the Fraser river to catch these beautiful creatures.
Just like to mention that if one, really has pasion for what he is doing on the river should sometimes sit back,think,and let his heart decide what is wright and what is wrong.
I my self haven,t spent much time in BC and was also introduced "of course"to the flossing methods before anything else,but my pasion to the sport didn't allow me to do such thing again.
No excuse should be used to catch fish unethically,there is many ways that some of the salmonids can be tricked to take your hook,journey and learning curve is long I admit, but please allow your self some time like rib said and awards are huge trust me.
By the way bent rods jigs are one of the great ways to catch salmon to, :peace:

Like to mention that since many of the members always say how they love sharing their knowledge,including myself,I think there should be more threads about ethical and useful methods for our local rivers in the fresh water fishing discussion section that is of course the most accessible to everyone who wants to learn.
I myself, fairly knew to this kind of fishing don't have the experience to do such thing,but I'm calling all of you who carry the knowledge to do so.

Good luck to everyone out there :thumbup:
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I do not participate in this type of fishery.... I catch them in the chuck from a boat (when open).
It is a harvest fishery and they will bite if they are pissed off enough but.... would rather see a ******* or two get their fish and leave in short order than leave a half dozen lucky cans on the beach not to mention lunch rappers and stuff
As for going to the grocery store (Bentrod{and fully agree with your points}) there is a big difference from buying a sox at the store at 2 weeks old (from alaska)or putting one right in the freezer after caught. If I had the opportunity I know what I would do.... and even spend the extra couple bux to get it..... this is a debate that will never end and should not continue. Its legal... dont care about ethical, they're tastey.
Should I frown on any river fisherman doing salmon????????....because I can do it from a boat? nope that would be a [email protected]#$k
The only problem with this type of fishery is the guys that over-indulge and throw a bunch of freezer burnt fish out at the end of the year. Thats where the line should be drawn. If your gunna use it and not waste it...well what do ya do? The mind set of preserving a fishery is a good thing and a lot of ppl on this forum seem to have it...but when it comes down to the regs.....those are law.
further note glad to see it shut down after 4 days.... I missed my chance...only day off on sunday and blowing 30 off sooke... I missed out :-[.. all in all DFO did the right thing....unfortunatly think it was political and since we had our crack..... dont think the nets on the fraser will dissapear anytime soon :-\
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