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Hey guys,
My fishing time has been very limited this year....4 outings 0-4....only once on the vedder.I was wondering the best times to take off work for prime steelhead action so i can go weekdays a couple of days in a row. Mid-march - April..???your help on this would be appreciated.
cheers ???

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Not sure how others will answer this question, but I will say that personally I have a river that fits each month perfectly. One for Steelhead in December, Two or three for January through early March, and different two or three for mid March through May. In each month I enjoy great success as far as fish go, although from time to time the "skunked" days get mixed in. Each year I also choose a smaller river or creek to explore when conditions elsewhere are less than favorable, which gives me great options for getting into fish when I might otherwise be griping about the weather. What I like most about this is I get to see a great variety of rivers over the course of the season, I learn more and more about each one as the years go by, and with the exception of the vedder, rarely see other anglers around. Just like you might avoid sitting in one spot all day on the vedder for steelhead and do a "circuit", as steelie99 so aptly put it, I do a circuit of my own to somewhere between 6-12 different rivers over the course of a season.
Keeps things fresh, so to speak...

I should add in response to your question Dwayne, that I find late April to be the best time of them all, I'll be it only marginally, and the vedder gets pretty much ignored by me during this time...

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