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Hakai Moocher said:
Finally checked out the skagit . (thanks Hook) :thumbup: I figured I'd be smart, and get there bright and early. So I went out to Hope last night and grabbed a room, and ordered chinese food . (bad move) :-X It was like the broken toilet scene, in Dumb and Dumber ! Hit the river at 5:30 and fished till 11 am. Other than a half a dozen trees, I didn't hook into anything ! I had the river to myself till I was getting ready to leave ! When I got back I stopped in at Micheal and Youngs for some leaders . (see above for half a dozen trees) ;D Buddy at the store told me the best time to fish the Skagit was early afternoon and into the evening . Next time I'll BBQ and sleep in on my couch !! :beerchug:
I enjoyed reading your report Hakai :thumbup:
I always wanted to fish the skagit. Now I know that I can sleep in a little bit. And, for sure it makes sense to sleep there because of the very long drive.
thanks for the report.

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