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There are great out of print book that tell where and how to fish around Vancouver. I've got three of the best after my boat was sold. And if you are serious about fishing the salt these are books to get. I hope they are at second hand book stores as they've be out of print for a long time. Get em' they have the spots that were good then, and can still be.
1. Fishin' holes of the West by Mike Cramond. Great book with all the mainland side spots for fishing. Of coures the Cap whites are a new thing... but the book is great and not published any more.
2. Salmon Fishing British Columbia by Mike Cramond. This is the other side, Island side of the story. It has all the inside spots and some of the outside spots. It's from the days when we fished from a Boston Whaler with a tiller and mooched.
3. Drift Fishing by Jim Gilbet et al. It is my favorite. It's got many other greats as authors, from Doug Fleild to C. White... if you don't know the son of the Buzz Bomb, inventer of the Zzinger and the maker of the failed Lure get a life fishing outside of BC. To me it is the best Drift fishing is the best with a single action and total feel, a drifting boat - no engine - yeah its at 120' but its the same as hooking a stealhead in 10'.
Seriously if you can get these books get them. I think they are only at second hand book stores. They tell alot.
Have fun, Jason
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