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Big Fish

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Saw a picture last night of a buddy's "first ever fish" from Langara Island Lodge.

The pic's don't do it justice as I think the "rookie" didn't realize what he had done; picture was the fish half out of the net in the boat and the only "comparison" of size in the picture is the toe of a rubber boot.

But.....here are the measurements.....first time fishing....20 minutes into salt fishing.......length 65.5 inches; girth 49.5 inches. Caught on an anchovie in the Charlottes......about 60' of water.....don't know the "flasher and head" as my moron friend really had no clue what was going on until the guide said "HOLY f***.....THAT'S A PIG".

I have bashed him to provide me with a better picture.....and hope to be able to post. :wallbash:
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Sounds like he hooked "Hogito", I'd really like to see that pic. What did it weigh in at?
Don't have an "official" weight as he actually released it. They took measurements and the lodge will give him "official' notification of weight based on length and girth; he receives in lieu of releasing it either 50 lbs of fish or an engraved Islander MR2.

He is pretty chilled about it (being a non-fisherman) but it apparently has the measurments that may make it very near the top in weight of fish brought into Langara Island Lodge.
Its funny that you posted this...I just talked to my buddy last night who guides for Langara Island Lodge and has been for the last 10 years. This is how he sumed it up to me... That Spring was a MONSTER... I might have to make a trip up now. :thumbup: :cheers: sage
Hi, Pippen.

Congrats to your friend, and good on him for releasing a monster like that to spawn.
try this website for a weight estimate,


or this one


both seem to make the fish over 200 lbs, truly a giant and nice to see it released.
Well I can tell you it was not a 200 pound spring.....but apparently is North of 70 pounds for sure.
Drooooool I can just imagine
better yet please post the pics B nice to see the genetic pool hit the lunker section
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