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Man, the Canucks played great tonight, solid goaltending and great defense!!!!

Don't mind me, thought I'd hijack this thread just like BFM does... With his crappy sharks chatter!

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If Chuck Norris played hockey BFM would call him a pussy too

No man could do that........

I heard that......
Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck roundhouse kicked the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month.

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Aw shucks....

"I'd like to thank the Academy, God, my parents,
my wife who has been behind me all this way...."

Seriously, Fish..you didn't have to do this!

I'm flattered!

Christmas came early this year!

I'll just hafta figure out a proper "thank you!"

I'm all teary.....(sniff...)


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Ha! I've GOT it!

In the spirit of fairness and giving, perhaps you should
give each crybaby, tunnel-visioned, ref-blaming,
conspiracy theorist their own thread too!

After all...after a bad Sharks game, I'm the first to pile on and give em hell.
If they stink, I'll make it known.
If they act disinterested, I'll suggest they find employment they enjoy.

I, by contrast to many Canuck fans, never blame God, Parliament,
Allah, dirty oil, Bettman, Vishnu, Obama, the peanut vendor in Section 212-A.....

Oh...wait fish---...never mind. That's already here.

It's called the "Sports Talk" section...

But I'll keep thinkin'!..

I'll come up with something...LOL

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Man, the Canucks played great tonight, solid goaltending and great defense!!!! Don't mind me, thought I'd hijack this thread just like BFM does... With his crappy sharks chatter!
They DID play a good, solid game. And they beat a great team. I fully agree, and I posted that.

I don't hate the Canucks, Ken, and there is a huge difference between 'hijacking', and simply sharply commenting when a boneheaded, know-nothing post pops up with something worthy of getting smacked.
And there are a plethora of those, to be certain.

I find that with many Canuck fans---not just here, but in the Sun, Province, on other national and Canadian hockey sites, that they might know the Nucks, but are a wee bit insulated from the rest of the big, wide world of hockey.
Hockey is bigger than Vancouver, and does NOT have it in for you, contrary to some popular belief.

But -----that's what forums are for, and I appreciate the chance to voice my own opinion,
however disagreeable it may be.

(Especially in my OWN super-special, super-cool, exclusive, and very trendy thread!!! LOL!)

If everyone agreed with everything, this would be a sappy, fruity love fest, and that's no fun.
This is a hockey forum, for hellssakes, not a sewing bee, or book club.
No flowers, fairies, glitter or unicorns to be found here.

Are you hockey fans, or hair stylists with too much cologne and skinny jeans??

You are all good guys---I enjoy, without malice---all your comments, and I love to see what kind of stuff comes out here. Don't we all??

Isn't that why we keep returning??? LOL!

Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year to you all....sincerely.

Life would be a lot more 'blah' without a chance to get after each other a bit.
It's sports...It's hockey.

Cheers, with beers, from heres.

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They might suck, but there isn't a puss on the team.

No Shark ever bit another player,
or tried to face-up a goalie and end up on his wallet,
or dove in front of a ref, SEVERAL TIMES
or turtled when challenged to a fight,
or just sat there while his face was being perforated,
or just sat on the bench watching their teammate getting his face perforated,
or got shut out at home in a game 7,
or threw garbage at the commissioner,
or had their goalie repeatedly turn into vapor,
or mugged a smaller player and broke his neck,
or had some of their ingrate, pissy puss fans loot their hard-working
neighbor's businesses, simultaneously trying to burn their city down.

Yeah...if that's what makes an admirable team,
then you're right..I guess they do suck.

EVERY other NHL teams sucks then.

When the Sharks lose, they just lose.
They blame their own incompetence and move ahead.

I'd love to hear a legitimate, fact-laden rebuttal to that.
Oh....sorry.....There isn't one.

See? Even lots of your own countrymen agree.

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