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Oops.. Guess I did mine in the wrong place... :wallbash:

A little about you?
Name: Bill Parker
Age: 18
Language: English
Residence: GTA Ontario, Soon to be PG, BC
Marital Status: Fishless
Occupation: Part time @ a hotel

Fishing Experience
hmm first fish when I was four, and been fishing consistently since.

Current Days on the water/Year: approx. 50

Your Favorite(s)

Of course many will change since I am moving but currently:

Favorite fish to fish for: Walleye, Steelhead
Favorite river: Grand River
Favorite Lake: Lake Ontario (Bay Of Quinte)
Favorite Method: Started flyfishing and love it... 3 years of that, but also like drifting roe for steel and trolling cranks for big walleye (Also bass, Pike... the list does go on lol)

For those who want to scare the crap out of us
HT: 6'1
WT: 195

Hobbies: Camping, Hunting, Trap shooting, Canoeing... If its outdoors I will likely enjoy it
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