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black gold lodge

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Hi, was wondering if anyone has fished with them and can give me any info about them.
Am planning a trip for next year and am looking for riversinlet or maybe prince rupert area.Any info would be appreciated,such as best times up there weather ect.

thank you mossyone
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Haven't fished that lodge but have been to Rivers Inlet.

If slow trolling cut plug Herring all day with a slim chance of a huge Spring is your idea of fishing then go for it.

It's a short season though middle of July through the end of August is prime outside of that you'll be scratchin' as they say.

Myself I prefer variety and while there are some Coho around Bottomfishing in the area is limited unless you want to make long runs to the outside.

Also I noticed that the wildlife was a lot thinner there than in other places I didn't see the numbers of Birds, Dolphins and Whales compared to many places I've been in BC.
An expert in Rivers Inlet

Black gold is the lowest priced lodge in RI. I was a guide for Salmon King Lodge for three straight summers. The issue with Black Gold, Sportsman, and big springs is they do not have sufficient boats with big power on the back. Therefore they can’t travel very far. There boats consist of more aluminum lake boats and when the water gets rough they have to hide. Place like Bucks, Salmon King, Wadhams, and King Salmon they can travel the big inlet and can go to the fish. Black Gold is at the mouth of Rivers Inlet and fishing is only good between the middle of July to middle/end of august. Black Gold lodge is floating wood cabins and is unique. If you’re going to spend the $1800 for 4 days I would recommend to spend a few more bills and try the other facilities. Salmon King is the top end lodge but is the most expensive at $2500 for 4 days. Bucks is more intimate and only holds very few guests. If you want to go on a fishing trip I highly recommend Rivers inlet as they get the big fish on average the largest Spring I saw was 90lb and my personnel best was 65lbs. You want to go to a lodge that can travel to both the mouth and the head in a single day. My reason for looking for this as the morning bit in August is at the head and in the afternoon going over to Calvert island to get some halibut. If you want more info let me know. I love Rivers. There is so much to see there. Lots of different water. You have to check out drainy inlet.

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Rivers Lodge

For whom it may concern,
Black Gold is, as mentioned, a low budget resort. If you have limited funds yet would like to experience Riveres Inlet, it is an understandable choice.
I am partial to Rivers Lodge. It is not really inside Rivers Inlet, it is more at the mouth, just inside of Calvert Island. The majority of fishing is for Cohos. Although this fishery doesn't bring home the huge 50+ pounders, it is lively, exilerating, and much more active. The majority of visitors will limit out, every trip. Being at the mouth of the Inlet is also good for bottom fishing. I went out to a "secret" sand bank, almost in the Pacific, on my last trip and returned with my limits for halibut and flounder. The halibuts were all rather small (15 pounders), but the flounders were big (10 pounds). It all adds up, and makes for some lovely winter dinners.
The hospitality is absolutely wonderful, the crew-to-guest ratio is 1:1, AND THE SALT WATER HOT TUB IS AWESOME!!!
:lol: :lol:

I would recommend Rivers Lodge to anybody. Legacy Lodge is a similar lodge. It has better boats, but the hospitality is not the same.
Let me know if you plan on going.

Everybody has their favorite lodge, so just make an educated decision on which lodge seems the best.

Happy fishing,


P.S. Don't forget to visit all of the lodges websites. A simpl google searc will work.
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I recently had the good fortune to spend 4 days fishing around rivers inlet, and stayed at Salmon King Lodge. The previous comments about the lodge being top end are so true. I've never before met a staff that was so good. Always helpful, always polite, and always there when you need them. This year the ownership of the lodge changed, and a ton of improvements are in the works. Renovations to the lodge. New boats. An even better experience all round. If the lodge was considered tops before, this should put them way out in front. Acording to Cyril, the head guide, the rates won't be affected. The fishing was great and the wildlife was amazing. We saw grey whales every day. Grizzly bears. Seals. Had a pod of porpises dance around us one day , and even had a pod of killer whales wreck the fishing for half a day. It was an acceptable trade. I would highly recomend spending a few more bucks for an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life. Tight lines. Sharp hooks. :D
Almost forgot. Check out the web site and especially the video.


If you've got Google Earth you can find the lodge at 51.34'12"N 127.30'55"W
hello went to black gold this year no fishfinders on boats and on the small boats that are included no radio
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