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Rivers Lodge

For whom it may concern,
Black Gold is, as mentioned, a low budget resort. If you have limited funds yet would like to experience Riveres Inlet, it is an understandable choice.
I am partial to Rivers Lodge. It is not really inside Rivers Inlet, it is more at the mouth, just inside of Calvert Island. The majority of fishing is for Cohos. Although this fishery doesn't bring home the huge 50+ pounders, it is lively, exilerating, and much more active. The majority of visitors will limit out, every trip. Being at the mouth of the Inlet is also good for bottom fishing. I went out to a "secret" sand bank, almost in the Pacific, on my last trip and returned with my limits for halibut and flounder. The halibuts were all rather small (15 pounders), but the flounders were big (10 pounds). It all adds up, and makes for some lovely winter dinners.
The hospitality is absolutely wonderful, the crew-to-guest ratio is 1:1, AND THE SALT WATER HOT TUB IS AWESOME!!!
:lol: :lol:

I would recommend Rivers Lodge to anybody. Legacy Lodge is a similar lodge. It has better boats, but the hospitality is not the same.
Let me know if you plan on going.

Everybody has their favorite lodge, so just make an educated decision on which lodge seems the best.

Happy fishing,


P.S. Don't forget to visit all of the lodges websites. A simpl google searc will work.
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