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Black Lake

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...tried for about 3hrs today, had 4 nibbles but nothing hooked, a few other people out there, no action seen, road is in good condition, some guy even showed up in his car!!!! don't think I would do that....apparently Mcclinchey(sp) ????? was doing well for brookies last week..apparently in the Barnhartvale area. anyone else out there been out lately around Kamloops??
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hit up big heffley and it was pretty slow. got one about 2lbs. saw one monster get caught about 5lbs. going to hit red lake tomorrow and will give a report.
day off today...thinking about either horseshoe or bog if the road is passable tomorrow.....one thing I forgot to mention about back lake, one guy walked away from his hole to chat up his buddy...when he came back the rod was gone....so I guess at least one fish was hungry!!! how do you get to red lake??? is it out tranquille or lac de bois????
..tried black again,,,,again no fish hooked, 4 nibbles, no other fish seen landed by anyone else, saw 4 trucks go passed black most likely into bog.....took a drive by edith and there had to of been at least 25 guys out there...didn't see any frantic action, lots of snowmobiles up and down the lake......may try either bog, mcconnell or stake......or maybe the pet store fishing for goldfish in the event I go another day without getting anything.
That's why ice fishing for me is a last resort. I will do it once or twice a year. To me it's a meat fishery because you don't get to play the fish like you would on open water (not to mention the fish are lethargic). I don't mind standing in freezing temepatures, wind, blowing snow etc. but there has to be the promise of a big fish, like a Thompson steeelhead to keep me motivated.
to get to red you go up tranquille way above Kamloops lake.
I agree...ice fishing is a last resort and the amount of time you sometimes have to put into it is not worth it. I find at most lakes they are either biting like crazy or not at all. I try to get out about 5 times a winter but can count on one hand how many fish I have caught in the last couple of years, of which were small. I find that brook trout still put up a good fight in the winter and it is cool to look down and actually see them take it!!

Dereke, did you try out Red Lake? any luck??
Hey cyrus,

it must have snowed the night before and we tried to get up there and got stuck. the road in is usually excellent for being that far in. i will try and get up there in a week or so.
I flew over Red in a helicopter on friday, road looked slick, there were about 6 guys on the ice.
Just an ice warning for Black lake! I was surprised to find 10 inches of of bad ice on top of 3 inches of good ice on thursday the 24th.

Be careful out there!!!
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