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Blue Pro Cure

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Hi All ,

I went out to get some blue pro cure and couldn't find any, I ordered it with Pacific Angler but they got a reply from Mfg , not available now.

I would like to try out that blue color , can anyone suggest any other method I could use to dye the roe blue ??

Thanks in advance guys / gals

Cape R
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I also heard coolaid works well. Also food coloring
Sorry but I am rather new at this :confused:

How do u use the Kool Aid :wallbash:

I have cured my roe , do I just sprinkle it on and let it sit for awhile or :confused: ,

Cape R
joes sporting goods in bellingham has the bad azz blue fouresant dye @ 4.59 for 2 oz(that's plenty to try it) I've tryed it once without any luck. I think it is best used when the water clarity is poor.
Thanks M.

Ya with the water beeing as it is at the Vedder now, maybe blue would be a good color to use now eh ! :happy:

Cape R
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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