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...drove into Bog this morning, definately need a 4 whdr to get in there, ice was quite questionable only about 4 inches around the shore and quite slushy, fished only about 30 minutes due to too much water and my dogs freezing up....a ton of freshawater shrimp came out the hole. wonder if it would freeze out??????no hits....looks like it would be nasty to get in there in the spring or summer with a boat or even a tube...if there are fish in there I suspect they are quite big!!

drove into Horseshoe, a little late, but tried it anyway, a few guys out there only saw one small one landed. getting slushy there too.

one more note if you are trying to get to be the 1st one into ernest lake in the spring there are 2 large trees down across the road by Bog lake that will have to be cut out!!! Holiday is over, back to work...will wait til open water to fish again around Kamloops!!!
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