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Bon Chovy Winter Report, February 28

The local winter chinook in Vancouver fishery has been consistent in the last couple weeks. There is a good mix of legal and undersize fish in Vancouver Harbour and Howe Sound right now. There has been some really nice quality fish around as well! There have been fish up to 31 pounds taken in the last week. The 31 pounder was caught up Howe Sound. An admirable fish for anytime! The average legal winter spring has averaged around 11 pounds of late.

We have had the bulk of our success over the last few weeks along the West Vancouver shoreline and right off the Cap Mouth. The last couple hours and the first hour of the ebb has been when we have been getting our larger fish over the last week. We managed to pick up a few fish in the teens over the last 10 days. There has also been the odd nice fish in the middle of the harbour this week. The key when fishing in the middle of the harbour is to look for bait and the pockets of winter springs. If you can stay on them things can be pretty active. Depths between 90-140 have been the standard.

The usual winter spring gear has been working as per normal. We have been having our success on purple haze hootchies and green glow coyotes behind flashers. The fish are not usually all that picky, you just have to find them.

There has also been some good reports from Howe Sound. We have not fished there in the last couple weeks but there is consistent reports almost daily of success!

Crabbing has also picked up in Vancouver Harbour, especially off Stanley Park and Jericho

Call us to book a winter spring charter!. 604.763.5460

**** Luck Jason/Jeff
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