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The winter chinook fishery has basically finished for another year. Fishing was really solid in December, January, and February. March seemed to be a little more hit and miss for winter chinooks, especially during the last couple weeks of the month.

Now the fishery has transitioned into our typically spring tactics. The fish quite often get off the structure and migrate to deeper areas further out towards the Strait of Georgia. There is still fish in the inner harbour but not as many as in the winter. Areas like Spanish Banks/Point Grey, the outer harbour, the QA marker, the south side of Bowen Island are all good bets this time year. If you are looking for a little more of an adventure the Gulf Islands can be extremely productive in the spring time.

Over the last week the bulk of the local action has been around Spanish Banks and the Bell Buoy. The quality of the chinook salmon is definately improving. There is more and more fish in the 12-18 pound range with the odd bigger one. A local charter boat picked up a 30 pound chinook this past weekend off Spanish Banks. There has also been some decent reports off the South side of Bowen Island and the Gulf Islands this week. Productive depths have varied a little more with fish being hit anywher from 60-130 feet. Bait and coyote spoons have been the ticket.

We have been hooking 2-5 fish per charter recently. Crabbing has been really good in the harbour. Traps are dropped on every charter.

Give us a call to book a charter! Now is the time to do those longer trips over to the Gulf Islands and the south side of Bowen Island!

Good Luck

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