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The last couple weeks have seen the focus of the local fishery switch from the usual winter haunts out to Georgia Strait, the South Side of Bowen in particular. The last couple weeks have seen pretty reasonable numbers of fish out in the Strait. The majority of the legal fish have been ranging in size from 9-13 pounds with a few fish caught in the high teens and low twenties. The key to this fishery is to cover ground, read the tidelines, listen to the chatter on the radio, and be patient. Over the last couple days there has been some decent activity on the low slack, 1-2 miles of Cowan Point. We have been running cop car and green glow coyotes, anchovies, and purple haze hootchies behind flashers over the last couple weeks.

The harbour is still holding some fish as well. We picked up a nice one off the Cap Mouth yesterday evening on the high slack. I have also heard of the odd fish coming from the Jericho/mile markers side. Crabbing has been excellent in the harbour.

The Gulf Islands have also seen some pretty solid action over the last couple weeks. It has been really consistent over the last couple weeks, Thrasher Rock and the Grande especially. Good numbers of fish in the 8-15 pound range have been reported daily. With some calm water the Gulf Islands make for a great day trip!

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