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Brans New Lookin For Good People

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:D hows it going everyone? this place is awesome forum looks the best ive seen ever,
anyway im looking for good fishin buddies to go fishing with, i do not drive, but i have all my own gear waders,drift rod fly rod,reels,supplies,
and im wodnering who woudl like to go, I used to be a die hard before but i lost touch in the opening of everything,
anyway let me know i love fishing period. mostly for salmon id luv to get out to the mouth of the vedder too ive neevr been out there before,
let me know or email? msn messsager or anything, luv to hear from you all.
tightlines 8)
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hey everyone who has msn? wants to go fishing ? post your contact or add me
[email protected]

tight lines n hope to meet you all! 8)
i may be going on monday to the vedder. i will lyk if i have space and when the plans are confirmed.
might be going with a couple people but if they dont go i can hook up with you somewhere along the way
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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