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You know how having a top on your boat makes it easier and the same is with a bimini top for your hot tub: keeps the elements off you such as sun and rain and – for the real hardy hot tubber – snow and sleet. You’re effectively extending use of your hot tub into inclement weather.

We at Brigantine Marine Group make bimini tops for boats and we’re applying that knowledge to making bimini tops for hot tubs: good solid frames, marine grade stitching, rust-proof hardware, five-year material warrantee, and built to take high winds (although in winds above 30k we do suggest folding it down into the supplied boot cover). We’re also West Coasters and know that flimsy doesn’t cut it.

These bimini tops for hot tubs are built to custom just as our boat tops and are specific to your hot tub: this isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’. And, since they are custom built, not mass produced, you get any colour you choose.

This bimini top doesn’t replace the hot tub cover, you’ll still need that, but it will keep the weather off you when you’re in the tub and will prevent rain from cooling the tub when it’s raining cats and dogs. As I said, you’ll get more use from your hot tub even in the winter months.

To know more give us a call (we will need your hot tub’s dimensions so we can bend the frames to fit exactly). Ask for Rob, our CEO, or me.

Michael Read, President, Brigantine Marine Group

Best in service; best in canvas.
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