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Bunzten Lake 03/06/08

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Well took the day off of work and hit up Bunzten Lake.
What a beautiful day and without a soul on the lake.
Boat launch is still flooded worse than the last time.
Trolled around for two hours before I got a hit.
Seen a ripple in the water so aimed my boat towards it.
Sure enough there was a trout there and it took the fly.
Went home around 3pm and ate him for dinner. ;D

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nice dude your the Buntzen killer :happy: how do the fish out of there taste? I would assume not muddy because the lake is over 200feet deep :confused:
There not bad...taste the same as all the other stocked, pellet fed trout.
i stopped in there today to check the water levell.holey cow!its right up to the picnic tables.there were 2 guys in waders on the dock fishing.never say die! :thumbup:
lol thanks HOOK I love this lake!
The trout from this lake are good they have a sweet meat.
I have tasted better trout from other lakes but these are quite good too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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