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Just had this email sent to me. Has anyone read this bill?

Just got word that Bill C32 the proposed new fisheries Act which is nothing more than a rehash of Bill C 45 is currently lined up on the Order Paper for the House of Commons for debate and vote next Monday and Tuesday. The 5th and 6th.

Minister Hearn and the rest of the Conservatives have apparently not heard our call for this Bill to be consulted on before second reading so it can be made a workable piece of legislation.

They have said to Hell with the public and the fishing community and are going with the DFO Mandarins in Ottawa .

If you want to see your fishery privatized then do nothing and it will come to pass.

However if you want to see the fishery remain in the public domain and your Right To Fish maintained, then contact your MP and let him or her know that neither this Bill nor this action by the government to bypass the community is acceptable. I don't care what party your MP is from, let them know in no uncertain terms how your feel about this legislation. Send an e mail or a letter, no postage required, or simply pick up the phone and call their constituency office and let them know how your feel.

Bill Otway, President

Sportfishing Defence Alliance

Yours in conservation,

Patti MacAhonic
Executive Director

B.C. Wildlife Federation

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