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Cabelas or Hodgman Brethables....Niether, I Bought Sedge

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Just wondering if anyone has any experiance with these waders as the price is really good.

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Cabelas Brethables

Their high-end breathables are reputed to be very good, but I've never tried them. This is based on their older top of the line Gore-Tex waders, which Americans love to fish in. The material felt very close to the Simms regular Guide Weights. I don't think their new top line waders are Gore-Tex anymore, but I haven't looked in a while.

Their lower end Dry-Plus waders are crap. I bought a pair a while ago and used them a couple of times here in the LM with no problems. Then I went on a trip to Montana, and the whole thigh area started to delaminate on my second day there...which really ticked me off. The good thing about Cabelas is that they don't ask much for returns...the bad thing is that you are dealing back and forth through the mail.

Their neoprene waders are of excellent quality and are a great value...just in case you are wondering about those. But breathables are the way to go, even if they don't last as long.

Good luck.
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Cabelas Brethables

hmmm....thanks for the info stone. Now I just have to decide if I want to go with them or save some $$$ for a different brand. The Cabelas Guide waders look very similar to the simms G3's.
Cabelas Brethables

Have you checked out ebay yet? I did what the person a few topics down did. Three years ago I purchased a pair of Orvis Silver Label hiking boot foot waders from someone on ebay (a wholesale shop) for about 80 bucks. One of the boots sprung a very small leak (probably from a hook penetrating the boot). It wasn't that bad (my foot was just a little damp after a day of wading). I took them down to the orvis retail store down by bellevue (near seattle) and they offered me a credit for what the full retail price of the waders were (240 bucks!) I promptly applied the credit on a new pair of pro guide II waders which were only about 40 bucks more. The Simms g3 waders may be a bit better but the pro guide II seem to be very thick and strong.

Lets face it, all breathables will leak eventually and most likely before an equivalent pair of neoprenes. Its important to choose not just for quality but also for the service.
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Re: Cabelas Brethables

Well know that both my neos and breathables are both leaking I will be needing to get some new waders sooner than I thought. I have been doing a lot of research and found a pair of Hodgman Wadelight I Breathables for around $139.95 US. I was wondering if anyone has experience with Hodgmans, I do know that they have been around for a long time and have heard good news on some of their equipment.

I would love to go out and buy some simms or Bare breathables but unfortunately the price is far too high for my budget, and I don't think I will ever buy neos again. Breathables are far more comfortable!
Re: Cabelas or Hodgman Brethables

I have a pair of Hodgman Lakestream Lites that I bought Aug 2005 in Fraser Lake for $130 Can (they were the last pair in the shop and were on sale). I am pretty active in them and have used them a lot in the past 1 1/2 years and they just sprung a leak in the neoprene bootie, on the seam, the last time out with Finder. I have repaired the leak (really a pinhole) and expect them to perform well for some time to come. I am very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone.
Re: Cabelas or Hodgman Brethables

Just fyi, I took a chance with some "cheap" Sedge breathables (from Langley Army and Navy just over 100$). They have performed very well over the last 2 seasons. I havent really done a lot of heavy bushwhacking in them but I've used them around 30-40 times now on the vedder and chehalis without any issues. I would recommend them. I use Hodgman boots which also seem to be holding up very well.
Re: Cabelas or Hodgman Brethables

Steelie Trav:

My cousin in Seattle has been fishing with Hodgman Wadelites for a few seasons now. His first pair leaked after about a year, and they replaced it with a brand new pair. That second pair has so far been leak free for a couple of seasons now.

My impression of them is that they are definitely in the "lightweight" category. The material does not seem as thick or durable than the other more expensive waders. For around that price, there are a bunch of breathable waders that you can take a chance on. My feeling is that you will probably have some good pairs, and some pairs that will leak soon after purchase. Seems to be typical of that lower end waders.

If you spend any amount of time in them at all in a typical season, my advice would be to at least get yourself into a pair of Simms Lightweight Gore-Tex waders. At least they are really breathable and will last you a while.

Good luck.
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Re: Cabelas or Hodgman Brethables

Thanks for all the input guys. I did end up getting a new pair of breathables but they weren't Hodgemans or Cabelas. The duty and taxes would have put them well into the 200s so I took steely_crazy's advice and checked out the local Army and Navy (New West) and picked up a pair of the Sedge Extreme chest waders. They seem to be a good quality, but only time will tell.
Well the sedge waders hold up quite well. I do a lot of bushwhacking on the river and they hold up quite well. A few bails too!
Trav,,,glad to hear you're happy with them.

Please keep us posted on how well or not so well these waders hold up for you over time. They are at a very attractive and accessible price range, and a lot of people are probably interested in them. Good luck!

Well so far so good. I have had to patch them in 2 spots, but thats because of bails, one on the ass were a sharp rock decided to jump up and bite me, and the other was on the knee, only went through the first layer and not the second again the ground jumped up on me there too.

I would recommend these waders to anyone on a budget looking for breathables. They have made it through almost one full steelie season with me and anyone who has been out with me can vouch that we definately punish ourselves and our gear looking for some elusive steel!
I've got the cabella's guide waders they are doing well for me no leaks at the 6 month mark.
nowadays most breathable waders will work quite well if they fit you decently. The patent came off of Gor-tex a few years ago so the material can be copied exactly. It has made a big difference in the durability in all brands of breathable waders. You are not really able to compare today's product with the stuff made just a few years ago due to this
Re: Cabelas or Hodgman Brethables

steely_crazy said:
Just fyi, I took a chance with some "cheap" Sedge breathables (from Langley Army and Navy just over 100$).
is that reg $$ or sale$$
I believe it was their regular price at the time (I dont know if they still have them). Mine are still holding out great. :thumbup:
My sedges were on sale for $169.99. Not sure about the regular price but mine are stilll holding up quite well. Even after the amount of backcountry bushwacking and falling I have done. Running 2 patches on it right now due to rips from painful memories
checked out A&N lastnite and the sedges were $199 reg price so i also looked at the streamside ones as well they had two styles there a beidge and green type after trying on all three i went with the green streamsides for $170 they seem like a more durable unit.(i hope)
Any one have these or heared anything of them.

Just ordered a pair of the high-end Cabela breathables, I'll let you know how they turn out after my yearly pilgrimage to parts unknown later this month.
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