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We are currently planning a trip to B.C. in Sept. having spent some time looking for our wish list accomodation I thought maybe someone who lives and fishes in B.C. may have the answer.
We are two guys looking to stay in the Fernie reigon in a cabin on a river, maybe settle for a lake.
Easy you say, now comes the hard bit. We also have to keep happy two ladies who we have been with for a considerable number of years. Their requirments are two bedrooms and two bathrooms and not a thousand mlies away from civilisation.
We are flexible as far as when and could be persuaded on location. If you have any advice re accomdation or fishing locations we would be most grateful, we are traveling from England so really need to do our homework to get it right.

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I Would recomend the Harrison river, Fraser river area.
Only an hour and a half from Vancouver, lots of small lakes in the area, for trout
Sturgeon fishing on the fraser ( amazing fishery! )
Depending on when in september you might even hit a salmon run as well.

Good fishing :--)

p.s. check out Harrison hot springs

www.google.ca then search for Harrison hot springs
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