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The Campbell was brilliant yesterday. We drove up from Victoria, and made it to the sandy pool by nine. I was into fish right away, the majority of which were still bearing sealice. relatively few boots. I must have had a magic piece of pink yarn, because as long as I had it, I could catch fish anywhere I cast, while my friends got frustrated and cranky. It must have produced fifteen hookups in the course of three hours before I finally lost it. Once it was gone, my buddy turned on. He kept alternating between red, green and pink yarn under a pink spin'n'glo. While my hook-up rate dropped way off, he could do no wrong. He has being fishing with me for a few years, but he's had a pretty slow learning curve; this is the first time he really had a good day of his own, which he was absolutely due. The other guy was a tag-along, who didn't seem to have much fun.
There were some springs showing too. One guy was targeting them on the other side, but he didn't touch any fish, that I saw.
With the sun shining and the water clear, this was a great diversion from responsibilities.
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