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Campbell River Fishing?

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Hey guys,

I have to plan a business trip up to Campbell river this summer and I figure I might as well plan it around some migrating salmon. Can anyone tell me when the salmon runs are there?

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If you are looking for pinks the run is usually from the end of august to the middle of sept. I usually go up there around labour day. If you go around then there will also be the odd spring and coho in the campbell or quinsam.
Good Luck
What about the spring runs through that area?
If you looking to catch springs when you come up here anytime from mid july to september you have a good opportunity to catch some springs but if you are just looking to catch any fish there is a large run of pinks and coho towards the end of august.
The springs are here and have been for about 3 weeks in decent numbers. They are only getting bigger as each day passes :)
So if my trip was arounf the end of August, I have the chance for Pinks, Coho and Springs? That would be great!

no problem trev, hope you have a good trip when you come here
im going up on the 19th of aug. went last year and had a blast with the pinks. will ther ebe any good coho and spring fishing from aug.19 to about the 25th ya think?
How is the river fishing up in Campbell river, any coming up yet?
Planning a trip

I'm planning on a trip to Campbell River next year. When would be the best time to fish for Kings? Just a one day trip on the water. Any suggestions as to which charter would work best for 5 people? Any suggestion on accommodations?

Fish Hungry
Are you referring to the springs in the chuck or the river? I was under the impression that Vancouver Island spring runs in most river systems start at the end of August? Or is that when the bulk of the runs hits the rivers or when you are legally allowed to target and keep chinook?
I was fishing the campbell river last sunday and hooked into about 7 not so bad Pinks and alot of the other guys were too. Be sure to bring lots of hooks if you are fishin this river. I was just wondering were do you find the regs for if you can keep fish or not. I know that the Pinks in the campbell right noe are C&R.
Here's a start but you also have to check the notices area of same site for spot openings and closures or just call Tyee Marine or The River Sportsman.

Well it seems as though I'll be heading up to Campbell River on the 14th of August and staying for about 3 days. Any tips or directions on where to go? Is most of the fishing done in the chuck or up the river?
Any reports coming in? I am planing to fish up in the river, so if anyone is willing to PM me a location or two to start with that would be great!
Oodles of humpies all thru the Campbell: anywhere between the riffles is good right now. Saw about 50 played today and about 1/3 of those landed. Wiley little fly-mouthers - keep your line tight!
Browns Bay

Hello all,
If you are intersted in a saltwater sidetrip, and you are in Campbell river sometime soon, Browns Bay is boiling over with sockeye salmon right now. We are experiencing the largest sockeye runs in almost 50 years. They are bitting almost anything, but (obviously) red is your ticket to success. The fish should start moving on soon, so be quick about it.
Let me know if you go,

My trip to campbell river was delayed until the 16 of October. What is the fishing like? any Ho's or springs at this time?
that is a great time to go....there will be the odd pink and lots of coho as well as spring and the odd chum
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