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Camping on the Fraser

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Where is a good spot to camp and fish on the Fraser near Popkum Rd in Chilliwack? Im heading out there in Aug. I have a small RV and want to be near the water. Anyone have any suggestions and directions?
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Peg leg, is the biggest area and you'll be sure to find space, not really near Popkum though, Gill Road, is good smaller space, then you have Herling Island heading the other way. there are a few other spots but it really depend on getting there first :beerchug:
Great. Anyone else have a place? Im going to be there just one day and night then heading out farther into the woods to camp. If I dont get anymore responses i'll just have to try pegleg.
Peg leg bar may not be accesible in early August.....there are several campgrounds closer to Hope.

Whistlestop RV & Campsite
Telte Yet Campsite (right in town on the river)
Othello Tunnels Campground
Hope Valley Campground on Flood/Hope Rd.......nice spot
Pathfinder Park near Harrison is nice too but closer to the lake than the river

Ortho 8)
Thanks Ortho. We are only staying one night and dont really want to pay for that if you know what I mean. Just a quick stop to enjoy the veiw of the Fraser river near or around Popkum Rd is what we're looking for.
Ferry Island (under the aggasiz rosedale bridge) has a clearing and a few more selective spots. I would bet that Gill Road would be the best right now, otherwise you can check out Kilby (pay camping... :( ) Not on the fraser but very close of a boat ride!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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