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I thought I'd share the fishing trip we went on in Cancun. My friends do not fish so it was hard to convince them to fork out a few hundred bucks and wake up at 6AM after being out until 5.. We chartered a 31 footer and ventured out approximately 10-15 miles off shore. I told the captain we would be happy fishing for anything as long as we got a lot of action and that I would be comfortable setting the hooks. The swells were way bigger then anything I have seen off of the west coat and a few of the guys didn't have their sea legs and spent half the day puking (more fishing for me).

We ended up catching 7 Barracuda’s, 1 King Mackarel and one small one that I didn’t know what it was. I'll post some pictures of the trip. The guys enjoyed it hopefully I will be able to get them out on the coast for some salmon.

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