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Even though I knew the water is extremly low I gave the upper river a try.
My intention wasen't to catch fish really,more to explore the upper river becouase I've never been there.
Hiked for about 4 hours this afternoon,didn't see any fish,or any other soul around the area.There is some wet snow on the ground making it harder to walk but I made it.
The river and it's canyon it's a beauty of its own.River was so low I would say to the point that its unfisheble,at least as far as float fishing goes.I tried chuking spuns and spinners,and of course trying to present the lure as close to the bottom as you can,found a few rocks and lost some gear.
After al seen some beautiful nature,again,had a pritty wet afternoon and convinced my self that the capilano camera works right. :thumbup:
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