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Capilano River update!

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I just thought to let you all know aboout the latest on this extremely low river.The info I got from my brothers down on the rez is that the wiers under the Marine Drive bridge has been opened to let fish through and the wall of capilano below the trailer park bridge has been opened daily to let fish through.All of this has been done in the interest of conservation.With the high water no where in sight the fn's are letting fish through that have been waiting a long time get through.So at the high tide during the day fish are getting over and through thew lower wier and pushing on past the Marine Drive bridge freely.

Alot of fresh chums, springs, and cohos are on the move.Most of the fish are suprisingly still silver but some darks have been caught.Especiallt the springs

Let's hope that the rains come soon!!

Tight lines guys!


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drove over the bridge this evening, just after high tide, lots of fish rolling below the bridges.
thanx for the update cant wait to get out there!!
How nice of them
So the Natives open the wiers as a conservation measure due to extreme low water levels and highly stressed fish and the sporties go slay 'em in the canyon....this is conservation? :shock:
Good to hear the fish are being let through...perhaps the next two or three days with the rain will add to the flow somewhat...
the good thing about that river is it doesn't take much water for it to show a rise!
has anyone been fishing that river even with the low results??
The water to where the weirs are is only about 6" of water, there where 6 guys there yesterday trying to rip them as they came up, now that aint fishing......... For the Cap it needs a good week of heavy heavy rain before that water moves, since yesterday the flow has dropped some more, you can cross the river now with out getting your feet wet.

The level of flow right now is less then a ditch :oops:
It is at a very sad level!!!
It should be shut down ....DFO can stop all fishing in a heartbeat...happens back east all the time whenever low returns are expected or extreem low water conditions...they just close it to all fishing, Native and Sport.
fished lower part today around 5, high tide. No real bitters my buddy hooked into 2-3, not sure if was snagged or not but all got off. One native guy was down there and he snagged about 5, all let go. A fair amount of fish but not many being fairly caught.
Where abouts were you fishing at high tide? The water comes up pretty high at ambelside and the water above the bridge is pretty low. I didn't see any fish moving up beyond the Native Weirs.
were you drift fishing?how much water was there on the high tide?
i was jsut past the new buildings on the west side of the river. just up from the green bridge that leads to north van and on to the lions gate. Went again today and i landed two chum and my buddy landed one.
how did they look?were they clean?
atleast the ocean is right there so more fish are going to be.
I know the place. The water must be super low there...12'' or so? Unless you are just south of the green bridge.

Great to hear that someone is catching fish. I was at that same spot Saturday and didn't see a single fish, not enough water yet.
i fished for a hour last night below the foot bridge just to see how far up the river they are.
there was about 2 dozen right at the weir (fishing closed of course) and in the pools below held about a dozen.
none were hitting anything, swithed up from spoons to drifting a fly and some wool.

there was a tone dead at the weir as well, looks like we need alot more rain.

i will be going to the mouth tomorrow and wiil lyk more then
heynow ..

were you wearing a redish jacket?

ya not to much water but we were on a super duper dort short leader like 7'' and we fair hooked em. where and what are the weirs. one fish was fair but the two i landed were pretty beat up so i let them go, carefully.
no i was not in red but i think my buddy was.

we were just below the foot bridge by the fish hatchery. if you want to meet up tomorrow lmk via pm.
i will be somewhere on the river by 4:ish
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