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Capilano River

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Fished Thursday for a couple hours. Upper river. Had a nice sized Coho come up and attack my spinner and it was on for maybe seven seconds. I'll be there tomorrow, Monday.
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I was there mon for most of the day, Had a few bites but just couldnt seem to sink the hook, was usin a gooey bob, Little pink one & they seem'd to like it just seem'd to play with it not eat it though,,lol
OH well mabey next weekend 8)
Shane ..... a Gooey Bob (not BOOB <lol>) is an immitation plastic scented egg cluster. :roll:

Darn those Gooey Boobs anyhow ...

HEE HEE OOPS,, 1 to many o's my scool taught me well...lol :oops:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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