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June10 2008 Fishing Report

The fishing has been strong on most lakes in the area.

Dragon Lake has been producing some very nice fish. There are so many insects on the move in and around the lake that it is no surprise fish are active. Fish are being taken with micro leeches in varying colours with black or green being favourites.
Shrimp are very active in the weeds that surround the lake. Patterns in olive or grey are getting fish. You might try throwing out a pattern that has eggs in the middle (in red or orange).
Mayflies are out in abundance. Adults and nymphs are all over the surface and are being sipped quite often. Emergers and dries will get hits if the cast is placed very close to a rise.
Chironomids are still hatching and in some big sizes as well.

Ten Mile Lake has been very good lately as well. This is a wonderful location for the whole family. It’s a provincial park with everything you need for your camping adventure (including getting stocked with thousands of fish every year).
Mayfly hatches in the afternoon have been great. Watch for cruising fish that are feeding just under the surface and the telltale sips. Get your offering as close as you can with some type of mayfly pattern and you’re off to the races. Nymphs, emergers and dries have all been working.
Dragonfly nymph patterns retrieved quite erratically have been getting some very aggressive hits.

Good Luck!

Tight Lines,
Scott Elliott
Trout Tales Fly Fishing Adventures
[email protected]
250-255-7925 mobile
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