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A little about you?
Name: Steve
Age: 25
Language: English
Residence: the wack
Marital Status: just bled and now on ice with the little lady spawning any day now (due jan 20!)
Occupation: GM of Cascade Supply and Marine
Fishing Experience: For as long as I have a memory I have had a line in the water

Your Favorite(s)
Favorite Salmon species: ALL
Favorite Trout species: ALL
Favorite Other?: ALL....even the ones I have yet to fish for...it will happen! :thumbup:
Favorite river: anything I can get a boat up and catch something!
Favorite Lake: Hi Hume
Favorite Method: Big on the flies, fresh to the art of spey and then any method needed except snagging.

For those who want to scare the crap out of us
HT: 5' 10"
WT: a fiesty 155

Hobbies: Jet boating, hunting, camping, snowboarding, hiking, photography, hunting, beer/rum/whiskey...what ever suits the situation

Misc: Hatched in chilliwack, raised hell in chilliwack and fished every puddle and trickle in chilliwack. and here's to many more years of doing so! :cheers: good to meet you all and I look forward to meeting you all at some point. Feel free to bounce any boating questions you have off of me. I am a certified marine tech, with a Masters in Physics minors in math and buisness (go figure eh?) :beerchug:
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