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centrepin rod recommendations?

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I recently acquired a vintage 4" J.W. Young Trudex centrepin reel and I need a rod for it.
It is going to be my first centrepin rod. I am not ready to spend big buck but I am still looking for a practical and longterm solution that will prevent me buying another rod to replace it.
Could you recommend me a centrepin rod to float fish small rivers for small slamon and steelhead?
How do you rate Trophy XL centrepin rod?
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I bought a TFO 3106 recently. For the money (~$140) it's hard to beat with a lifetime warranty. Perfect for coho's and steelies.
Where did you buy the rod?
They were clearing them out at Berry's about a couple of months ago.
trophys are nice, I like the feel. as well as the shimanos are nice to. if you have 200$ i would recomend reddinton, they carry them at freds. I think they have temple fork at steveston marine in langley, havent tried them but they look decent as well.
Thanks a lot for the useful informations!
You fellow anglers are helping and very responsive!
Trophy ML model is good match for your 4" trudex reel.
I checked to know that Berry's don't (and won't) carry TFO centerpin rods anymore.
Reaction Bait and Tackle in Abby does though, last time I checked. Give them a shout, they're also pretty competitive and if they don't have it, they will usually bring it in.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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