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Cheakamus April 28

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spent a couple of hours last night on the river. Cheekeye was spewing a fair bit of silt, but the river was fine above. caught a nice little dolly, about 2#, i was fishing by myself, and tried to get a nice picture of Rod's pink worm enhanced jig, but the fish had other ideas.
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ahh, jbj, there's so much I could say...
there's just no way to say it here!
always wondered how you slayed those steelies up there! :naughty:
ogobogo said:
...always wondered how you slayed those steelies up there! :naughty:
WHAT!!!!? JetboatJim is killing wild steelhead?!!??!! :naughty: :confused: ;)

naw, he'd never do that, but I always wondered who left all of that roe on the rocks at the logjam ;D
your not allowed to kill them even if you cut the adipose fin off?

I do use barbless trebles now , its more sporting. ;D
And don't forget the 2.5 ounce betty and 6 foot leader. Also, I hear they bite green wool so make sure you tie some onto that treble hook! :happy:
you guys may not know it, but Jetboat can de-adipose a steelhead with a 7 1/2 " skillsaw, and it looks like a hatchery issued fish. The real secret though, is how he cauterizes it with a big fat Cuban, and believe you me, I don't mean his mistress ;D ;D ;D
rickets said:
there is a bait ban on the cheak!!????!!!!

jetboatjim said:
I do use barbless trebles now , its more sporting. ;D
Also Single barbless hook only...
Great to see guys having fun here with tongue in cheek humour, BUT, be aware that on the NET humour is often hard for some to recognize and being a site that people use to gain info to make angling choices, you could be sending folks to a fragile river with false beliefs of existing regs.

Chekamus is a bait ban river with single barbless restriction and is closed to all retention of steelhead and bull/dollys.

You may find evidence of bait use in the area as some kind of dolly/bull study is on going, or maybe the broodstockers are having trouble catching steelhead so they have to bend the laws :p.
I cannot fathom the Bull trout needing the use of bait to capture them, these fish are downright STOOPID when it comes to biting and the obvious bycatch of steelhead would be a on going problem.
Another fine example of management on crack :wallbash:.
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I was wondering when that was going to be said...

All Anglers should carefully read through the regs on a regular basis, especially when going to a system they are unfamiliar with...

All tongue in cheakamus aside, what Rod says here is absolutely right. When participating in forums like these, please remember the responsibility is on the angler to ensure they are fishing in compliance with the regulations.

It was fun while it lasted...
well put Rod, and sorry I didn't get a picture, that fish sure looked purdy with that jig in it's mouth! ;D
rickets said:
there is a bait ban on the cheak!!????!!!!
only for the mortals. Guys fishing broodstock and the guys doing the Bull trout study can and have been using bait. Bull trout guys are using huge gobs while claiming to be trying to catch bull/dolly varden but looking like they are hoping to catch steelhead. Also any First Nations fishers can use it on reserve land.
You guys should get your facts straight before you post ::).....Ortho 8)
Hey Ken.........do those fish like scotch?... ;D......shoot, I might be promoting alcohol on the sirte.....Shsssshhhhhhh
Bad, Bad bad...........daddy gonna take yer fishin' pole away,boy!!!
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