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Well we all probably felt our ears perk up recently with the newsflash of a spill of toxins into the cheakamus after a cn rail train derailment a while back.....yesterday an article in the V Sun caught my attention, it described what little is being done to rectify the problems caused by that spill and also addressed hatchery production of steelhead to try to counteract any negative impacts on steelhead returns in the coming years....Now I know newspapers don't always get it right, but when the article addressed the impact of the spill on returns three years from now (at least I think that's how it went, as this is from memory), it proposed that supplementing wild stocks could in the short term provide more fish for the sportfishery in the damaged years to come, but could also negativelyimpact the wild returns in the long term....I am interested to know how my fellow sportfishermen feel about this subject, and am looking for more scientific data to support or refute the articles claims....whadda ya all think?
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