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chehalis aug 31

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decided to go and check out the river today and to my surprise there was water in there lol and even better there was springs in there caught a couple not the best looking fish but was good way to ge the salmon itch over wiht lol and a nice way to start the season looking forward to the coho getting in there
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Theres always water in the chehalis, the hatchery outlet on the other hand... ::)
there was lots of water vthere thats where i caught my springs but it was still a nice suprise for this early in the year think i might go back tommorow and explore some more of the water
I know i wouldn't be targeting the springs on their redds in there right now, but I would target the species of fish that are very difficult too see for the untrained eye lying directly behind the springs cobbling up single eggs :-X
i was there jsut to check out the water catching some springs was a bonus lol jsut waiting for the coho to hit the rvier now
nope not yet but im thinking very very soon
mr.bare said:
were there any chum at the hatchery yet?

Just a reminder, no chum retention until Nov 1st.
ya but its still fun to hook one in fast water.
caught two more springs today was fun jsut went hiking whilke the water was low to find some spots and deep holes for coho fishing water looks good and lots of springs in there still even saw a coho
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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