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Fraser River

Well it's finally over and the freezer is full!!! What more can we say, an amazing 8 week opening,34 million fish,everybody happy?
Back to reality and proper fishing, Fraser river is now closed to sockeye retention but remains open below the boundry markers at Jesperson rd. This means no fishing at all above Jesperson for any salmon. Fishing below the markers is open to Chinook fishing, these fish are best caught using Bar rigs and spin & glows in size 0 & 2 and silver body,mylar wing and either green or red top being the best colours. Make sure you identify your catch, there are many Coho going through the system and these fish must be released. Sturgeon fishing remains strong on the Fraser with roe,dew worms,pike minnow,stink bait, and lamprey being the baits of choice.

Vedder/Chilliwack River

Coho and Springs are now throughout the system. The Chilliwack hatchery jumped from 12 Coho last week to over 200. These fish are definitly starting to move through the system and can be hooked on anything from roe to flies. Fish the pools first light with spinners, spoons or flies or pocket water with small wool ties or roe sacks. Fly flingers will do best with size 4 & 6 Muddlers or micky finns tied in blue or green with some tinsel flash, Chinook,both large fish and jacks are vulnerable to roe and wool combinations in red/black, red/orange and other combos.

Local Lakes

Chilliwack lake is fishing well for Dollies and cutthroat trout. Morning is always best as this large lake can get windy and choppy later in the day. Dollies are best fished with roe near the bottom at any creek mouth near the far end of the lake. Most smaller lakes are still fishing well for small to medium sized rainbows.These fish will be packing on the feed bag in preperation for the upcoming winter months and can be quite easily caught on fly patterns,small spinners,small crocs and bait.

Good Fishin
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