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Chilliwack Oct 22, 2008 fishing report.

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Well I headed out to the Chilliwack River in the morning and went to the designated spot which has been relatively barren all year which has made sense, very few fish have been pulled from this hole compared to last year. I saw that the tail was open and quickly took my spot and hucked some juicy roe into the run. Nothing much for awhile and the sun was mid sky so I decided to throw on a blade. Still not much so I grabbed the father-in-law and ate some grub.

Afterwards I checked out a run just upstream and good thing I did. I casted in first cast which is when I usually am just checking depth and I saw my float go down and like a dumbass I just gave it a little tug to see if it was the ground and huge headshake so I quickly gave a proper hook set and I was on, I couldn't make out what it was but it was smaller and it was rolling, don't be a chum, don't be a jack spring please. Then it broke water and YES it was a coho so I played it safe and didn't get overly energetic as I have lost 4 this year by being an idiot. After a few short burst and plenty of rolling I brought in this beauty hatchery doe.

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nice rod and reel, what are they? reel almost looks like a macdonald
My rod is a old Graphite GSH 3106LB and yes that is a Macdonald.
Nice fish, reel and rod. Those macdonalds must have a pretty hefty price tag
Beauty fish (and I agree, nice setup too!)... Great to see someone is getting some coho action out there, as I'm taking a Kiwi friend salmon fishing for the first time this weekend and am really hoping he hooks into a fish or two.

Nice "half fish" ;)..........Ortho 8)
Glad everyone is enjoying my setup, I sure do ::) Do you mean like a Jack half fish?
Is that blue fishing line or is that backing? Never seen blue backing before
Very nice fish and i to agree.... very nice combo there. ;D
That picture showed up on my office screen as a half fish with a line just in front of the dorsal fin...Now, on my Lptp i see the whole fish...Now I will add my comment........NICE!..........Ortho 8)
Now that's a perfect specimen of a coho :thumbup:
Not a pin fisher but it looks nice
Beauty off a fish Dude :peace:
Nice fish, I'm also curious about the blue line/backing question.
sounds like an awesome day :thumbup: And a beauty Hatchery ho that is too. Hope I'm that lucky :peace:
thats a sick setup, no excess cork to weigh the rod down, thats a cool reel, i'm guessing custom?
Shane said:
Nice fish, I'm also curious about the blue line/backing question.
Well I have the white backing cause the guy at reaction mentioned that it would look good which I agree on, the actual line is clear blue Siglon F/FF. Its supposed to be completely water resistant, float, UV resistant and have virtually no line memory. I really just spooled it on for this season and I really like it thus far. I got 15 lb line and its about as thin as my 10lb leader, the guy who spooled it for me thought it coulda been 8lb. Either way its stronger than my leader and it doesn't knick as easy as ultra green. I am satisfied.

Yeah, the rod is custom. I really enjoy the cork style.
Snag-- I have been looking at getting this line when i respool my new pin. so my question is........Where did you get it cause i havent seen it in stores, maybe im just not looking hard enough :hmmm: they have several colours for different applications and some are supposed to vanish in the water also ;) which i think is the blue.


sorry for the mini hijack :wallbash:
No worries, I purchased it here simply because I wanted 15 lb mainline and all the other stores ebay,amazon etc only went up to 13.5 or 12 lb. Siglon FF I think goes heavier and is supposed to be superior even but it starts at 20 lbs and is only available in yellow. Its meant to be a high viz line but i opted with the clear blue which is supposed to dissapear like you said. Let me know if this helps at all.
Hey Snaggedaduck...great to see ya here...Sweet little setup you have there and nice fish too...

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