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Since this is a fishing report site I thought I'd post a report on Chilliwack mainly.

Yeasterday and today were very good fishing days for me on Chillowack. Hooked in excess of 20 springs/Cohos (combined x2 days).

Today I landed few because of poor rod choice. Still, one chinook adult (12lb-68cm) and two jacks in four hours. I injured my leg netting my friend 28 lbs spring and I had to leave early. I saw landed one 15 lb wild coho, and it was very silver... A beautiful fish!

At the hatchery I saw many cohos and springs. Those who enjoy fighting these brute springs, now it's the time to hit the water. On some runs, I tought smoke will come out off of my Cardiff. As always, a thrilling experience.

On the negative side, a lot of fishermen with poor conduct and usually they are the ones with poor skill too. If you don't mind these kind of people, you are better off hiking a bit and find some river for yourself; Monday was almost impossible, but today the crowds were not in such great numbers.

Tight lines, Danny.

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nice to here someone doing well
I hit the Ved today and all i got was Pinks
man there are so many of them from the canal area up
there was a visiting party of Americans in RV's and i seen a few Washington plates too
I started at ON THE WAY nothing doing there (water clarity is great there)
moved up river to a few spots but nothing
Tamahi there were no parking spaces left on one side :eek:
then hit the canal upstream (water clarity not too bad)
it was like a zoo at one spot
guys across from me were hooking a few springs
and a fellow Brit fishing next to me was doing well for pinks on the fly
weather was great sunny at times a bit blustery in the open parts
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