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The most consistently reliable hotspot for Chinook and Halibut fishing has been Big Bank. Although this can daily change, you will usually come home with 12-20lb Chinook, and the odd bigger fish are being taken there. The Starfish, Lighthouse and South Bank have seen spurts of Chinook coming through in the 20's, just be sure you are present when they were biting! Turtle Head had good bites for our guide Dan.

Coho fishing is still good at Chrow. Outside Lighthouse Bank has been a solid source of some nice average size fish between 15-25 lbs.

There is a wide range of lures working. At Big Bank coyote spoons, glow hutches and larger Tomic Spoons, even Plugs have been successful. There are large herring out there, so the larger lures will catch some bigger fish. But the greater the densities of fish, they will catch lots of smaller Chinook. All across Big Bank and South Bank Halibut fishing has been very good. We’re trolling for them, but you can bottom bounce for them too.

We haven’t had issues limiting out on halibut. Coho fishing slowed down in close to shore, however there are still Coho there. Using very small spoons seems to be the best. We have also caught a few Coho on Big Bank and on South Bank.

Expect to use a whole range of lures. The 6" Tomic spoons seem to discriminate for larger fish. We have been fishing Outside Lighthouse Bank thinking there have to be some Tyees coming, but I am sure it is only a matter of time. The Hyason just has shown good results.

I really don't like throwing fish back since they often die, so I aim (as much as possible) to locate the pockets of larger fish. Sometimes that means going deep for them and fishing up on the Shallows where there aren't as many Chinook, in hopes for large fish.

Our guest John Salcido won the July derby with his 29.lb 7 oz Chinook taken July 18. So we’re excited to compete for August’s derby!

Enjoy the pics below and make sure you come out to get some of the tasty salmon and halibut while enjoying the beautiful BC coast!

Below are some pics of fishing in British Columbia the last few days!

Tips up!

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