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Over the last couple weeks, I have been reporting about how the Chinook Salmon have been hugging the coastline, feeding hard along the outer islands and reefs of Clayoquot Sound, and helping us all with less fuel consumption. With stronger flood tides, the Chinook and Coho have been following the baitfish further into the sound, providing great action in really calm protected waters.
Fishing is still good in these areas, but we are definitley seeing a shift in travel and feeding patterns for a new "batch" of Chinook that have showed up in pretty strong numbers. The 160-180 ft. offshore contour areas approx. 8 miles from the coast have been a consistent producer for us for many years, and they are again the most popular feeding and traveling route for Chinook for the Tofino area. Trolled gear in the 120-180 range is still the best producer for these larger Chinook that have showed strong over the past few days. The inshore areas are still going strong for Coho on the Fly and light gear, as well as some Quality Chinook.
Note; Chinook over 77cm will have to be released inshore of the 1 mile surfline after August 1st.
More info at www.tofinofishing.com

Have a great week ahead.

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