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Well decide to try the Ved today
started at on the way
only two guys there and not sure what there plan was
one waded across the fast water waist deep at one point holding onto a rope wich his buddy had the other end of
he makes it (just) across then its his buddies turn
he get about half way and looses his footing letting go of the rope
he manages to steady himself but heads back with a few choice words
then the first guy tries to throw the rope attached to a rock
but to no avail
it was funny at one point but stupid and dangerous
and all for what as i didnt see the first guy catch a thing

I had no luck so i hiked it up to wilson raod area following the river
no one at the main pool
no luck there so i walked back via the road and stoped at on the way store
I then walked back to the river
four more guys there but we all had no luck except one guy said he hooked two pinks

headed off up river stopped at one spot two guys there one hooked a spring but lost it
as i passed Tamahi i counted 22 cars\trucks :eek:

nothing doing for me

had a lunch break,
filled the gas tank @ 93c Lt :thumbup:
then headed home
water clarity was poor all the way up
bit like week hot chocolate
rain was still comming down hard at times
think it will take a few dry days
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