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ChumFest 2006!

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Well, it's that time of year again!
The chumlies have indeed moved into the inside waters & Brown's Bay Marina (15 minutes north of Campbell River) is once again hosting the area's biggest Chum Derby next weekend.

Last year was a REEL Hoot! These fish are see-through bright, and as fiesty as any salmon on the end of your line! Each one battles different, many with aerial displays that would make any coho proud, and many that bulldog & sulk in the mud like a large spring! Unbelieveable numbers, last year in 3 outings we landed 57 from the Dream Weaver in just 3 short outings!! Some of the most FUN you can have with your cloths on :lol:

This year, there's about 70 of us (mostly from FishBC and SportFishingBC sites) that are attending as a group. Some very great comraderie both on and off the water!

The full details can be found here: http://forum.fishbc.com/index.php?showtopic=33036

Just a word to the wise: If you plan on attending, make a few calls NOW! Moorage is getting skimpy as I understand it, and they're close to having sold all of the Derby Tickets!

Hope to see one or two of you up there!!


PS: Still have an opening or two following the Derby for anyone not wishing to drag their rig up there :wink:
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Irron Noggin you wear CLOTHS ??? I wear clothes not sure about you :D anyway good luck out there
Hey Nog...........Thanks for throwing the invite up on the BCFR board....Many of us also 'lurk" around other sites and were aware of the chum derby. It looks like it wan't as good as last year in fish numbers but it sure sounds like a good time!!.......Let us know for next year....I will be there for sure....Ortho....aka ford
aYup! T'was indeed a BLAST!
Fishing was rather tough this year compared to last - at least through the Derby that is - We limited the boat both days before, and both days after the Derby, but could hardly buy a fish when it mattered! Not to worry, the camraderie of 70 plus Fishing Buddies (read NutBars) was absolutely brilliant! The inane radio chatter, the sabatogue (spp?) and the subtrefuge, the endless jokes, and of course the PARTY with loads of Friends made the outting more than a Great Time. And, two of the top prizes were again captured by our crew! Sweet!

Full details and pix of the weekend's Fun can be found here:

I'll run up a post about next year's festivities a tad earlier so folks can consider attending. Trust me, it's some of the most FUN you can have with your clothes on!! :wink:

Headed back up in the am, likely be hanging about for a spell. Still have the odd opening, and last minute booking deals are about to be listed on my website: http://members.shaw.ca/dreamweaversportsfishing . Anyone who hasn't experienced this fishery is really missing out! Pound for pound some of the better fighters amongst the salmon, and fast 'n furious action! Gimme a call if you think you might be interested 8)

Catch ya in a few weeks...

'Til Then, Tight Lines & Cheers!
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Thanks for the update...........Next trip to the Island will be for Stamp River Steel. I'll let you know when we are planning on coming over. Always open to a second opinion.
Thanks, again....Ortho 8)
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