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This info is further to my advice last week for someone to check for online updates to their Backroads Map Book.

TimberWest and Island Timberland now own a significant amount of logging property on Vancouver Island and both companies have adopted strict no public access rules. The online update lists a few of the lakes (listed below), but the caveat at the end says the entire list is too long to publish (which is horse-hockey since nothing is too long for the Internet); anyway, I took the liberty of emailing the publsiher for a complete list and they were nice enough to send it to me....HOLY FARK!!!

This is only a list of STOCKED lakes closed on VI. When I get home tonight I will publish the entire list (stocked and natural) and it's NOT pretty!!!

Note: these are only stocked lakes, the list that is closed to public access is too large to list.
Anderson, Barsby, Boneyard, Boulder, Coronation, Dixie, Fourth Nanaimo, Gooseneck, Heather, Holland, Holyoak, Jarvis, Little Echo, Lomas, MacDonald, Mirror, Radu, Rowbotham, Shelton, Tugwell.

I find it absolutely apauling that a private company who rapes the land in such a manner, cannot see it in their own greed to allow public access to these lakes. Not only that, but why is FFSBC stocking lakes which will not be fished, other than by employees of TimberWest and Island Timberland????? Those fish would be much better suited to lakes which ARE on public land and can be enjoyed by everyone!!!

rant complete :wallbash:
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