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Yes, that's right Royal Dutch Shell is headed for the headwaters of Steelhead Paradise (the Skeena river) and the headwaters of two other great wild salmon and steelhead rivers the Nass and the Stikine.
They want to build a massive coalbed methane gas field in the shared birthplace of those magnificent rivers called The Sacred Headwaters.

The image included with this post is literally the birthplace of the Skeena river. That little stream in the huge upland meadow is the birth of the Skeena river - and it is exactly where Shell and Gordon Campbell want to build this huge CBM gas field, destroying the headwaters of these rivers forever . . . or at least until the next ice age can erase the highly destructive footprint that will be the inevitable result of the project. And the other image is of a coalbed methane field in the western states. Look at it: the wells running off to the horizon, pipelines, roads connecting them all together, water containment ponds, compressors . . . a nightmare for Steelhead Paradise.

It is time for steelhead anglers and others to wake up and tell the British Columbia government and Shell to stop this madness in some of our last pristine wild steelhead rivers.

Go to: http://www.sacredheadwaters.com
for all the information you will need, plus instant faxes to the BC government and Shell.

Where are our children going to go for the kind of spectacular angling experiences that we have had the opportunity to experience?

It is absolutely time for all anglers to pull their heads out of the water and realize that no one but us is going to take care of our resources. Governments of all stripes now answer only to corporate interests, there is no longer any stewardship ethic of any kind in government except for the few lone biologists and employees of beleaguered ministries such as Environment and Lands and Parks . . .

It seems that "Development at any cost" is the unofficial motto of British Columbia now.
Remember that the real motto of British Columbia is
"Splendour without diminishment"
Now there's some irony for you . . . .

Only you can make the difference. Join the fight.


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Thanks for bringing this huge issue back up to the top, one of the last great fronteirs of wild steelhead.

Please get on board with this one guys, even if it seems too far away (Distance wise) to care just remember, if you help save it it will be there for you or your kids to enjoy.

When you make it up there you will never be the same!


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You can count me in!! Always looking for fight!! I spent the first 15 years of my life living in Terrace and some of the best childhood memories I have are fishing Steelhead on the Skeena river!! >:D It would be an absolute shame to have that all disappear because of that! I would love to take my kids up there one day and have them experience the beautiful wilderness as I did as a kid. Shame on the British Columbia Government!!! :naughty:
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