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:mad: I am pissed! Nov. 1 fishing at White Lake, windy, fishing was fair. Kept 2 - 16 in. dinner fish.
This is what I found inside of one of them, there were five, but three were pretty fresh. :wallbash: Is this the proof of what we feared? Last I heard, was rumors of Perch and/or Bass being illegally placed in White Lake like what happened to Gardom and a couple others in this area. These minnows were too small for me to make a positive ID. but they are obviously coarse fish. :-[ If anyone recognizes or can make a certain ID. then please let me know, or better yet, advise the DOF. I have the 3 best samples on ice in my freezer.
This find makes me very sad. White Lake is a jewel, with wonderful world class fishing. Gardom, for example used to have some very large brook trout and very healthy rainbow fishing. Now it smells like a fish processing plant and is filled to the brim with 2-9 in. perch and smallmouth. There is beginning to be some larger bass but that is not the point. The point is White Lake was a healthy rainbow trout lake and should have stayed that way. Who ever the idiot is running around transplanting illegal fish..... should be deported... Before one of us responsible anglers gets our hands on you/them.
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